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Citation Management Software

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Citation managers:
• Collect bibliographic information
during research process
• Organize sources in folders, allow
tagging and searching
• Format & Cite sources during
writing process
Citation managers turn articles, books & other sources
Into formatted citations:
Advantages of using CMs:
• Save time, more focus on research
• Cite sources and avoid plagiarism
• Synthesize research
• Discover new sources
• Collaborate with private or public groups
• Build a repository of sources in subject area
Saving bibliographic info
Citation managers capture bibliographic info:
п‚— Through web browser
п‚— Direct export from databases
п‚— Entered manually
Saving Bibliographic Info:
Organizing sources
Citation managers allow users to:
п‚— Create folders
п‚— Save notes relating to each source
п‚— Tag sources
п‚— Search full-text for keywords across sources
Citations stored in Mendeley:
Access to Mendeley
п‚— Go to
п‚— Sign up an account under your name
п‚— Download the desktop program
п‚— FREE software
Citing sources
Integration with MS Word allows users to:
п‚— Import in-text citations
п‚— Format citations in a number of styles
п‚— Automatically generate and format bibliography
Importing citations in MS Word:
Other features:
Some citation managers enable:
п‚— PDF storage and annotation
п‚— Discovery of related research sources
п‚— Confirmation of citation information
п‚— Group collaboration
п‚— Social networking
Consider when choosing a CM:
п‚— Your specific research needs:
п‚— Are you working with a large number of PDFs?
п‚— Will you need to collect a wide array of sources
(articles, books, web sites)?
п‚— Do you need to share research with a group?
п‚— Price (free vs. fee-based):
п‚— If the tool is free, consider privacy issues, data
backup, customer support
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