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The Year LG Was Established
The transnational company, LG (Life’s Good), was
originally established in 1958 as Gold Star.
LG was a merge of two different companies, Lucky,
and Gold Star, from which derived the abbreviation
of LG.
The current “Life’s Good” slogan was purposely
The Different Types Of Products (LG)
LG is high-tech industry that sells and produces many different kinds of products. Also, the company
has expanded its business divisions threw out the years
The products LG produces in the year 2011… ARE :
Plasma TV’s
USB memories
Home theater systems
MP3 players
DVD recorders
Historical Development Of The Brand (LG)
2011 LG LCD TV
1958 Head Quarters
in Korea
1956 first LG radio
1980 LG T.V
2011 Head Quarters in
Seoul Korea
2011 LG radio
LG Head Office
The LG head office is in Korea in the city Seoul.
The First Production Site
The first production site of LG was in Seoul, Korea.
The Main Sites Around The World
Which Are Currently Producing LG
The Role Of Technology In LG’s Global
Expansion Process
LG plays a huge role in the global expansion of their product.
LG makes sure that their customer service is at a very high
level, because the worst thing that would ever happen to a
transnational company is a bad reputation.
LG also tries to use funny advertisements to grab people’s
attention, and they have been very successful in that. Like this
LG also commercialize their products using newspaper,
magazines and some times in movies.
Why Is LG A Successful
Most of the reason why LG is so successful is
because of its ability to attract the market. Also, the
fact that it is a TNC means it is globally selling
products at an incredible rate of speed.
Furthermore, this comes back to advertisement by
commercializing there products using different types
of media to attract their customers.
LG is very smart in choosing the specifications that
they would include in each product to attract their
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