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Augmented Reality Contact Lenses

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Michelle Lane
• The overlaying of digital data
on the real world
– Physical real-world environment
– Elements are merged with virtual
computer-generated imagery
– Creates a mixed reality
Use of AR technology
What it does
Presents users with data about their
surroundings by overlaying information on the
real-time camera view (Yeoman, 2009).
Drive around your own miniature Z4 on screen
USPS Priority Mail Virtual Box Simulator
Customers are able see how well their item fits
inside a transparent box (Elliott, 2010).
Other cool uses:
• In-eye heads-up display
• Provide us with
information about the
world around us
Read the article written by lead designer/research Dr. Babak Parviz
• Sensors built onto lenses could let diabetic
wearers keep tabs on blood-sugar levels
• Virtual captions scrolling under everything you see
• Player’s profile and stats flashing in front of you
• Virtual displays for pilots
• Telescopic vision for soldiers
• Videogame projections
1. Making all components safe for the eye
2. Getting all the parts to work together
3. Fitting everything on 1.5 square centimeters
of a flexible, transparent polymer
Cassella, D. (2009, November 3). What is augmented reality (AR): augmented reality defined, iPhone
augmented reality apps and games and more. Digital Trends
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Yeoman, I. (2009, November 6). Augmented reality and the world of science fiction. Hospitality Net
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