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Dumpster Dive Write-up - Link 308

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Dumpster Dive Write-up
Step 3: Summarizing Your Findings
Your paragraph (write-up)
• Topic Sentence: As one can clearly see, a lot
can be learned about a family by examining
their trash.
• You will then apply each prediction that you
copied down from the board to your trash.
You need to find 1-2 pieces of garbage that
could prove that information about your
Prediction Example:
• If the prediction was that you could tell the wealth of a
family, you could write your prediction like this.
• One thing a person might be able to tell about a family
is how wealthy they are. In the bag, there were two
coupons. One coupon was for Carter’s baby clothes,
and one coupon was for baby formula. This could lead
one to believe that the family is not in need of money.
A family that throws away coupons that would save
them money probably has enough money to survive
• The red part above is where you are actually proving
your evidence using your primary sources!
• For the wrap-up paragraph:
• Write down one thing that you think makes your
family unique.
• Also, you need to make a prediction statement
about who this family or person is. For instance:
“Based on the evidence, this family is probably a
single mother with two young girls.
• Lastly, make a final statement about what can be
learned by using garbage as a primary source.
Things to remember:
• This presentation will be available in a PDF on
our class webpage.
• All this information is on your sheet.
• This is not a 1st person assignment. The words
“I” and “my” should not be present.
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