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on topic: "The Sights of London"
1. London3
2. Big Ben4
3. Backingham Palace4
4. The tower of London5
5. Maddam Tussauds5
1. London
London is the biggest city, and the capital of the United Kingdom. The city lies in South-East England, on both sides of the Thames. Administrative London is divided in two city of London, and Greater London, which contains 32 boroughs. The London Region is totally 11 427 km², and has over 12 million inhabitants. London is one of the greatest cities in the world. London has everything! London is the city both for the poor and the rich, for the successful and the failed. London is the boring city, but also the exiting city. Shortly: London is THE city! London is one of the world's metropolitan areas. It is a great industrial city, an international centre of finance, and a huge port. There are several different things to experience in London. You can go to musicals, visit theatres, explore the shopping possibilities, go to nice pubs and restaurants and choose between a big variety of tourist attractions.
Big Ben is one of London's most famous landmarks. Most people convey the name to the tower and the dial, but the name is actually referring to the bronze-clock itself inside the tower.
The clock is named after Sir Benjamin Hall who was responsible for the clock being put on place in 1858. Big Ben is a part of the Parliament building.
3. BUCKINGHAM PALACE Buckingham Palace is the residence of the royal family. The palace was the residence of the purchased by George 3. and rebuilt by John Nash.
It wasn't before 1837 that Queen Victoria chose it for her home. Since then, the British royal family has lived here. 4. THE TOWER OF LONDON
The Tower of London was first built in 1078 by William the conqueror who was tragically killed by Walter Tyrell in a haunting accident in the New Forest. During the history the Tower has been a palace, prison, treasury, zoo and arsenal.The magnificent Crown Jewels are kept here.
This is an old and well-known wax- museum in London, where you can find a bunch of wax figures of old and new celebrities. Here are kings and presidents, actors, and other artist. In the ground floor you can experience the less pleasant Chamber of Horrors. Here are well-known murders and murderers modelled together with more or less unpleasant execution methods. This world known museum is well worth a visit.
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