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Catalina 1st Meeting 2015 - Estrella Mountain Elementary School

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Estrella Mountain Elementary
8th Grade Class Trip
Catalina Island
1st Meeting – Thursday, August 14
Catalina Environmental Leadership Program
• Established in 1922, Catalina Island Camps, Inc.
(CIC) is the home of the Jean-Michel Cousteau
Family Camp and The Catalina Environmental
Leadership Program for 4th to 12th grade school
• The camp facility is located at Howland’s
Landing on the California side of Catalina Island,
22 miles from Los Angeles.
• Catalina Island Camps is accredited by the
American Camping Association (ACA) and is a
member of the Western Association of
Independent Camps (WAIC).
You can take a photo tour of the camp
by visiting the web site at
When are we going?
• May 11, 2013 –May 13, 2014
• We will meet at Estrella at 11:30 PM on
Sunday, May 10th.
• We will depart at 12:15 AM on Monday, May
11th for San Pedro, California.
• We will return approximately 9:30 PM on
Wednesday, May 13th.
• Thursday is a scheduled school day for
Possible Classes
• This is a curriculum based trip.
• The 8th graders final unit of study in science
class is Life Sciences where we will focus on
marine life to teach the standards.
• Students will participate in classes at camp
like snorkeling, sea kayaking, a night hike,
an eco hike with tide pools, gardening and
composting and conservation
Estimated Cost*
• Camp Tuition - $240/child
• Ferry Transportation - $70/child
• CharterCoach Transportation - $100*/child
• Breakfast Monday in San Pedro - $5/child
• Dinner Wednesday in Blythe - $5/child
• Total - $420*/child
• *Final cost TBD by Oct. 3
Space is Limited
• 80 Student Spots Available
• Space is limited due to the size of the ferry
to get across and because of the amount of
room at the camp.
Payment Plan
• We require an $100 non-refundable deposit by
FRIDAY 5 SEPT to hold a position for your child on
the trip.
• LATE and LAST day to make deposit/1st OCT.
• Full payments will not be accepted today due to
the price change potential.
You may make 4 payments:
FRI 5 SEPT ($100 non-refundable)
FRI 24 OCT ($100)
TUES 25 NOV ($100)
FRI 23 JAN ($120??) – subject to change slightly
More info…
• All Money Orders/Cashier’s Checks/Checks
should be made out to Estrella Mountain
Elementary School. Please note Catalina
and your child’s name in the memo
• PLEASE NO CASH. A receipt will be
written and given to your student when
More Info…
3rd – After all fundraising and total student #
has been determined. At that time, full
payments will be accepted an a discount of will
be offered.
• Any student who is not passing 8th grade, or
who has had any sort of suspension for more
than 2.5 days per semester will not be allowed
to join us on our trip.
• PTO Assistance (Scholarship)
• Car Wash – Aug 23
• Spaghetti Dinner Night (to be determined)
• Tax Credit (e.i., my Mom donates $200)
• IB T-Shirts
• 9:00am – Noon
• Saturday – August 23rd
• Students must work a 2 hour shift
• 8:30-10:30 or
• 10:30-12:30
Car Wash
• Students will be selling Car Wash Coupons
• They will have buyers write their name
and contact info and students will take the
money. Money will be brought to me and
traded for coupons. Coupons will be
students responsibility to distribute to
their buyers.
Car Wash
• $5 per coupon. Patrons will bring coupon
at time of car wash to redeem. No
refunds on coupons. It will be considered
a donation.
• All money raised by student will go to the
student IF AND ONLY IF they work the car
• What if?
– My student cannot attend the car wash
• All money raised by them will go to the greater
good to lower the overall price for all.
• This is not their only opportunity to raise money.
– My student doesn’t sell coupons, but attends
the car wash.
• Any money earned that day from “drop-ins” will be
shared by all student workers that day.
If Your Student Doesn’t Go
• They are still required to attend school,
and are responsible for a science project to
take place of the points the rest of the
class will be earning on the trip.
• Alternative Activities (2-3 Days):
– Science Project Work Time in Library (4 hours
per day)
– Possible Lunch at McDonald’s
– Possible Swimming at StarPointe
Your Turn
Thank You for Coming
This PowerPoint will be uploaded to
the Estrella Mountain Website or
send me an email and I will send
you the PowerPoint
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