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4 класс (общеобразовательный уровень)

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Промежуточная аттестация 4 класс общеобразовательный уровень английского языка (по УМК автора Кузовлева В.В.)
1. Listening. Британские дети собираются что-то делать. Послушай 3 диалога и отметь галочкой в таблице то, что собирается делать каждый из детей.
BenAndyLizaVisit his auntPlay computer gamesSee the wonderful Forest of Winnie-the-PoohPlay footballGo to AmericaSwim in the riverVisit museums
Текст для аудирования: Script
1. - Hello, Jack! This is Ben.
- Hello, Ben!
- What are you doing now?
- I'm playing computer games.
- Really? That's great! But we are going to play football. Come to play football with us.
- OK. I'll come soon. And what about Harry? Will he play?
- Oh no. He is taking part in the swimming competition.
2. - Hello, Sam!
- Hello! Is that you, Andy?
- Yes, it is. What are you going to do next week?
- Nothing special. Why are you asking?
- I'm going to visit my aunt next week. You know that she lives in Washington.
- Fantastic! We'll have a nice time!
- OK. Bye.
- Bye!
3. - Hello. Can I speak to Emily?
- Hello. I'm speaking. Is that you, Liza?
- Yes, it is.
- Are you in London?
- Oh no, I am in Kent. I'm calling to tell you about our fantastic school trip. We have spent a wonderful day in Kent. We visited Rudyard Kipling's and Arthur Conan Doyle's museums. We played Sherlock Holmes. And tomorrow we are going to visit A. A. Milne's village and to see the Wonderful Forest of Winnie-the-Pooh and Christopher Robin.
- When are you going to come back?
- On Friday.
- OK. Have fun!
- Bye, Emily!
2. Reading
Прочитай текст. Затем прочитай следующие утверждения и поставь Т (True), если утверждение соответствует содержанию текста, и F (False), если не соответствует. FISHING
Nick and John enjoyed their holidays. They spent two months at the sea. The weather was fine. They had sunshine all the time. The sea was beautiful. The boys went swimming every day. Sometimes they took a boat and went fishing.
One hot morning the sky was blue and there were no clouds, so they took their boat and went out into the open sea. It was fun to fish and the time went quickly. Soon it was afternoon and they had a lot of fish.
Then the boys saw black clouds in the sky.
"We must go back", said Nick.
"Yes", said John.
The black clouds became larger and larger, and a storm began. The boat went up and down in the sea.
Rain and water came into the boat The boys did what they could to come back. At last they were near the beach.
How happy the boys were! But the fish? Where were the fish? There were no fish in the boat now.
1. Nick and John had a nice time during their summer holidays.
2. They spent a month at the sea.
3. The boys went fishing every day.
4. One hot morning they had a lot of fish.
5. They had to go back because they were tired and hungry.
6. The boys did what they could to come back.
7. Nick and John were happy because they had a lot of fish in the boat.
3. Grammar in Use
1) Какое слово лишнее? Подчеркни его. Задание (0) уже сделано в качестве примера. 0.pen, pencil, pencil case, paint, prize
1. hobby, angry, hungry, lazy, busy.
2. to drive, to phone, to raise, tomorrow, to advise
3. calendar, date, competition, month, day
4. writer, doctor, reporter, alligator, actor
5. pet shop, toy shop, break time, bus stop, bus station
6. smartest, biggest, smallest, fastest, forest
2) Джейн была на каникулах в Лондоне и написала об этом в своем дневнике. Прочитай рассказ с пропусками. Выбери правильный ответ (a,b)и впиши в пропуски соответствующую букву. Задание (0) уже сделано в качестве примера.
"Friday, 3rd August
I'm in London! It's my (0) ___b___ visit to London. London is great! It's the (1)______ city in the world. And it is the (2)_______city. Today we (3)______ to visit the (4)___________museum in Great Britain, the British Museum.
In the (5)_________ we want to go boating in Hyde Park. Saturday, 4th August
Today we have (6)__________toKensington Palace. (7)___________princess in the world Diana, Princess of Wales lived there. There is a wonderful children's (8)_______ near the palace. My friends (9)___________ fun there now. And I (10)_____ some words in my diary. Tomorrow we (11)__________ to visit London Zoo. I can't (12)________ to go there."
0.a) one b)first
1.a) best b)better
2.a) more beautiful b) most beautiful
3.a) are going b) is going
4.a) bigger b)biggest
5.a) afternoon b) weekend
6. a) were b) been
7. a) more famous b) The most famous
8. a) classroom b) playground
9. a) are having b) have had
10. a) is writing b) am writing
11. a) go b) are going
12. a) wait b) hope
4. Speaking
Джек на весенних каникулах уехал на соревнования по футболу и попросил сестру Джессику присмотреть за собакой Фредди. Он звонит сестре и расспрашивает, как идут дела. Разыграйте диалог по ролям.
Pupil card 1Pupil card 2You are Jack. Ask Jessica questions and answer her questions.
Have/play/with Freddie?
What/going to do/at the weekend?You are Jessica. Answer Jack's questions and ask him questions.
Did/play football/yesterday?
When/going to have/a football match?
Do/hope/get a prize?
What/going to do/tomorrow?
What gifts/going to bring?
5. Writing
Британские школьники писали сочинение на тему "What were the best moments of your school year?" Как бы ты ответил (а) на вопросы, предложенные британским школьникам?
What new school subjects did you study?
Which of them did you like most?
What competitions did you take part in? Did you get a prize?
What interesting places did you visit with your classmates?
What did you do there?
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