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Аквариум - That voice again

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Radio Silence (1989)
That voice again
I hear that voice again
I hear that voice again
> Dm
Seems so simple now
> C
Now that the sky is clear
> Dm
Maybe the road was tough
> C
But at last we're here
>B C
I've nothing to hide from you
> Dm Am
Nothing to explain
>B Gm
Just this vision of broken wing
> Dm A
And the raven cries in pain
I hear that voice again
I hear that voice again
If darkness surrounds you
> C
I'll be the fire to guard your sleep
If there's nothing to stand on
> C Am
I will lay myself beneath your feet
>B C
I will show the world to you
> Dm Am
And this world will have no stain
> B
Just hold me now, hold me close
> Gm
Don't let me go
> Dm
But close your eyes
> A
And look away
I hear that voice again
!Boris Grebenshikov - vocals
!David A. Stewart - guitars
!Olle Romo - drums, synclavier
!Billy Mckenzie - haunting vocals
!Patrick Seymour - keyboards
!Darryl Way - violin
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